Friday, September 23, 2005

Nick Cave on "I Threw It All Away"

"This is a guy doing the job God put him on Earth to do, and doing it well. This song is about craft; Dylan removes himself, the burden of his history, his myth, from the process of songwriting to craft a song unparalled in its gorgeousness. It's mathematics, music by numbers, and all the more affecting for it. It's Mozart man up against the wracked Beethoven of his other work. Nashville Skyline was an audacious record, lyrically and musically, flying int he face of those who thought Dylan's moral duty was to be the drum major of his generation. I can put this song on first thing in the morning or the middle of a dark night, and the song will serve me as a song should, lift me up, make me better, make me want to carry on. The song serves the listener as it should and that's it's genius."
-Nick Cave, commenting on "I Threw It All Away"


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